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Do not read this book!... unless
1.   You want to feel better. .
2.   You are tired of doctors simply prescribing drugs to treat your symptoms  
3.   You need to lose weight but don't know where to start.  
4.   You believe that life without sugar and refined carbohydrates isn't worth living.  
5.   You are smart enough to know that being thin isn't the same as being healthy.  
6.   Your family thinks junk food is real food.  
7.   Your kids are young enough to still take their cues from you.  
8.   You're confused by all the conflicting nutritional information out there.  
9.   You're trying to improve your health but haven't discovered what works for you.  
10.   You'd love a 24-hour coach to support, motivate and keep you on track.  


Look inside the book

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